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A brief analysis of the development direction of printing inks in China in the future

with the increase of China's awareness of environmental protection, environmental friendly inks are becoming more and more popular among printing houses. Many printing houses began to require ink manufacturers to provide MSDS data, heavy metal content data and proof of compliance with environmental friendly ink standards. This has also promoted the rapid development of printing ink to environmental friendly ink in China

it is reported that printing companies and printing plants of 81 well-known newspapers and periodicals in China, such as Nanfang and Chongqing, have started or are preparing to use soybean oil environmental friendly ink for printing, helping newspapers achieve low-carbon printing. It can be seen that today, with the development of low-carbon economy and the promotion of green printing, the production and use of green ink is increasingly becoming the consensus of the ink industry and the printing industry

the concept of low carbon economy is like a gust of wind blowing through China's printing industry and ink industry

2010 the fourth national ink manufacturers' conference and environmental friendly packaging ink R & D and application technology exchange meeting held in October, 2010. Please re tension the tensioning wheel; The specific requirements for environmental friendly packaging printing are as follows: the application bottleneck of printing ink and its raw materials, and the inspection, detection, certification and approval mechanism of printing ink products. Then in November, the green printing Summit Forum in the digital age held in Beijing talked about its changes to enterprises, one-stop service of representative printing enterprises and the practice of green printing through the new progress of green consumables and waste recycling technology

it is understood that people in the industry generally believe that if China, as a large printing country, can implement stricter laws, the printing industry as a whole will develop towards environmentally friendly products. With the establishment and improvement of environmental protection regulations, the market demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable inks will increase day by day. With the emergence of innovative products with environmental and economic benefits, the market of solvent based and petroleum based inks is gradually replaced by the newly developed environmental protection products

a total of one heavyweight technical transformation project is being carried out by Fujian Maite new aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. in terms of environmental protection ink, it must be the development direction of printing ink. China's ink industry will continue to pay attention to the 2016 annual report of the global environmental protection oil "packaging waste fund", which shows the technical trend of ink, and continue to launch more environmentally friendly products for the printing industry

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