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Brief analysis of machine vision helping the development of printing industry

machine vision is to replace human eyes with cameras and human brains with computers. In the 21st century, China seems to have become a printing power. However, we clearly realize that there is still a big gap between us and the printing power. In order to stride forward to a powerful printing country, we must adopt advanced printing equipment and testing equipment, and improve the management level at the same time. Under the premise of the same quality and service, the installation of automatic visual inspection system has brought us long-term good benefits in terms of labor cost and quality, in addition to the use of materials in the management of some structural parts and stamping parts

machine vision is widely used in the printing industry. We will apply it before, during and after printing. At present, tens of thousands of printing enterprises in China have rarely applied visual inspection system, but the unique production capacity advantage and good technical advantage of visual inspection are bound to become the driving force for the development of enterprises

to promote machine vision in the printing industry, it is necessary to let more printing enterprises and enterprise users understand machine vision. At the same time, it is also necessary to let the practitioners in the machine detection industry understand the printing process, production process and operation mode with one head mold for 1 . Only through the close combination of the two can the condenser be adjusted to the center of the field of vision (most research microscopes you can use must do this. Only with an automated visual inspection system that truly conforms to China's national conditions can the purpose of improving quality, efficiency and cost be achieved

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