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The third Sino French coating technology seminar will be held in Guangzhou next month. The third Sino French coating technology seminar will be held in Guangzhou next month earlier this year. On October 10, 2008, coatcn was organized by French coating technology station specialchem and Chinese coating technology engineers, The third specialchem coatcn coating technology seminar and China coating Engineer Technology Salon will be held on November 27 during the CHINACOAT2008 exhibition in Guangzhou, China

as the annual grand meeting for coating engineers to draw experimental curves in real time, this Sino French coating industry technology exchange activity has been held for three years. This year's seminar will select water-based wood paint as the core of technical exchange. Specialchem, as the world's largest and most professional paint and ink technology station, will join hands with coatcn and several top system suppliers in the field of water-based wood paint in the world to form an unprecedented strong technical lineup, providing a technical feast for engineers in the field of water-based wood paint in China. As the largest wood lacquer base in China - the Pearl River Delta region, the wood lacquer and furniture market is being restricted by domestic and international environmental protection laws and regulations. Environmental friendly and water-based wood paint will undoubtedly be the final winner of this environmental storm. Therefore, understanding and mastering the formulation design and production process of water-based wood paint will help China Wood NCC to cooperate with industry partners in the initial project. The paint industry will occupy a leading position in the future market competition

Mr. Jean Baptiste l''hot, general manager of French specialchem coating station, said: "This conference will be the third technical seminar held by specialchem in China. Specialchem has invited coating technology experts from well-known companies in the coating industry, such as Klein, DuPont and Bayer materials technology, to give a wonderful theme report during the conference and participate in the technical salon discussion during the event. We will discuss from the perspective of different raw materials such as resins, additives, pigments and fillers of water-based wood paint and optimize the processing technology Hand, in-depth discussion on how to effectively reduce the production cost while enhancing the performance of waterborne wood paint. "

the person in charge of coatcn, the China Coating Technology Forum, said that the meeting would gather the technical elites from all over the country, especially in Guangdong, the industrial center of China's wood paint, and would play a vital role in the hydration and environmental protection process of the local coating industry

this conference inherits the tradition of specialchem and coatcn, with free participation in the whole process and free luxury buffet lunch. On the other hand, in view of the limited scale of the conference, this conference will only provide 120 audience positions, and each participant will receive a formal invitation letter after being verified by the organizer

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