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This year, the household industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, and Zhishang doors and windows are gradually transforming and breaking through. What changes have been made to Zhishang doors and windows

this year, the home furnishing industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. With diversified business models and channel layout, the upgrading of production lines, and the upgrading of brand marketing strategies, home furnishing enterprises are gradually transforming and breaking through in the process of exploring the most suitable development path for themselves. Zhishang doors and windows are no exception. Let's review what changes Zhishang doors and windows have made

open up territory and move forward steadily

Zhishang doors and windows was founded in 2004, focusing on aluminum alloy doors and windows for 15 years, and constantly leading the pace of the industry with excellent innovative research and development capabilities and exquisite craftsmanship technology. At present, it has two production bases, an aircraft carrier level production base of 150000 square meters, the largest luxury exhibition hall of 3500 square meters (the industry is only a handful), and more than 300 brand stores are now located all over the country, It has also signed strategic cooperation alliances with the world's largest hardware manufacturers of architectural doors and windows, such as German Gewu G-U and German Hobe, to comprehensively improve the brand competitiveness of Zhishang doors and windows, so as to raise the ingenuity quality of Zhishang doors and windows to a higher level, and bring together the Seiko craftsman technology and global wisdom of Zhishang doors and windows

create a precedent for "healthy home" and lead the new development of the industry

in 2017, on the basis of high-quality resources for door and window design and production in Europe and the United States, Zhishang took the lead in introducing a number of health technologies across industries, put forward the brand concept of "redefining with health" for the first time, integrated the cross-border health technology of "sound, light, air and energy conservation", became a global integrator of healthy door and window resources, and integrated the art of doors and windows with the taste of space, Aesthetic expression, more committed to the in-depth exploration and research of human settlements' health, keeping environmental damage out of the door, keeping love and health at home, and realizing the perfect integration of taste and health have attracted great attention from the whole household industry and caused a shock in the industry

"beach grabbing" important high-speed rail and anti-aircraft artillery advertising resources

with great foresight and great pen, since 2017, Zhishang doors and windows has spent a lot of money for three consecutive years, and has covered 14 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government in Anhui, Fujian, Guangdong, Guizhou, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan and Chongqing with the communication strategy of big brand, big pen and big advertisement, so as to further strengthen brand communication from high-speed rail High coverage advertisements will be launched in crowded areas such as anti-aircraft guns, airports, outdoors, exhibitions, etc. In order to better, faster and more accurately spread the core values of the brand, and increase the in-depth promotion of the Internet system, we have reached strategic cooperation with major home media platforms. Zhishang brand advertisements are scattered everywhere to show the brand image and charm of Zhishang "healthy airtight doors and windows"

in March, Zhishang doors and windows put brand advertisements outdoors in Shanghai subway and Hongqiao Convention and Exhibition Center. Through large-scale outdoor advertisements as the media, we accelerated the promotion of Zhishang doors and windows, refreshed the brand awareness of consumers on Zhishang doors and windows, and fully demonstrated the style of high-end brands

in May, Zhishang doors and windows once again put high-speed anti-aircraft guns and high-speed rail advertisements in places with high traffic density such as important railway trunk lines and high-speed railway stations in China, and put advertisements in large-scale outdoor advertisements of highways and high-speed railways in Sichuan, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Chongqing and Yunnan provinces and municipalities directly under the central government in Southwest China, so as to strengthen brand publicity and make the brand image of Zhishang rise again in Southwest China, Let the majority of users feel the brand charm of Zhishang doors and windows

in July, Zhishang once again launched high-speed rail advertisements in Guangzhou south railway station. Large high-speed rail brand advertisements swept through the major advertising spots of Guangzhou south railway station, covering the most crowded areas in the station, accurately positioning the target population of high-speed rail, and effectively improving the popularity of the brand. During the Guangzhou Construction Expo, with a big brand strategy, Zhishang doors and windows put large-scale outdoor advertisements with clear brand positioning inside and outside the exhibition hall. Large electronic screens and outdoor columns brought the brand image of Zhishang into view at the first time, covering the attention of 100000 people, showing the strong strength of Zhishang doors and windows as a leader of doors and windows

shining, domestic benchmark

Zhishang doors and windows, after participating in five exhibitions with a strong attitude in 2018, participated in four exhibitions again with the momentum of thunder in 2019. Zhishang doors and windows has become the focus of every exhibition from the multi-dimensional display of quality, innovation, brand and so on. With the help of this eye-catching platform, the exhibition shows the global attitude of Zhishang doors and windows to create value for a healthy and livable environment and the global determination. It also shows that Zhishang doors and windows continue to break through the old pattern, break the visual boundary with innovation, reflect artistic excellence with ingenuity and intelligence, and show the world a strong national benchmark brand image

in March, the 10th China (Foshan) door and window Expo 2019 was held in Foshan, which is famous for its pottery and martial arts. Zhishang doors and windows brought a series of new products of [Jianzhi series] extension products and new [Ruizhi series], which combine high beauty, high connotation and high quality. They are tailored to create high-end quality products for China's middle class, and once again perform "simplicity, not just" The perfect product design concept of "flat and extraordinary"

in March of the same period, the 21st China (Shanghai) International Architectural Decoration Expo 2019 was held in Shanghai, the fashionable magic capital of Oriental Paris. Zhishang doors and windows has successfully concluded in Shanghai Hongqiao International Convention and Exhibition Center. Zhishang doors and windows, a leading brand in the door and window industry, has made a strong landing in Shanghai with its Zhenpin series, witnessing the style of Zhishang doors and windows leading the trend

in June, the 6th Western door and window customized Home Expo was grandly held in Chengdu, the land of abundance in China. The fashionable and simple style products of the new products [Jianzhi series] and [pastoral series] carried by Zhishang doors and windows brought a beautiful home feast for merchants in Western China with a new brand image of youth, fashion and trend, and showed the trend of airtight doors and windows of the most advanced health system to guests from all walks of life inside and outside the industry, Once again, it has been favored and highly commented by exhibitors and consumers

in July, known as the first show platform of champion enterprises, China Construction Expo, Zhishang doors and windows made a strong landing at the 21st China (Guangzhou) Construction Expo. Zhishang doors and windows were perfectly presented in a large lineup of new exhibition halls. With the theme of perfect "minimalist aesthetic space and healthy home living space", with 10 minimalist new products with great art and technology, they competed with all participating brands, bringing a wonderful "new vision" to merchants from all over the world, Upgrading the beautiful living experience will continue to integrate industry resources, rejuvenate urban living with art + health, and lead the trend of design

join hands in the future and reach the peak together

2019 is the first year of the "summit Trilogy" plan of Zhishang. In the first half of this year, the growth target of the national sales performance of Zhishang doors and windows has reached the expected effect of exceeding the standard. The dealer team is also growing. More partners with similar aspirations have joined our family of Zhishang doors and windows. At the same time, the product iteration and upgrading of Zhishang doors and windows has been fully completed, and the competitiveness of Zhishang end products has increased linearly, which undoubtedly benefits from the farsighted strategic layout of Zhishang doors and windows, making Zhishang doors and windows enter a new peak in the aluminum alloy doors and windows industry

the company has been committed to building the enterprise values of "cooperation, sharing and win-win", and building a harmonious, sustainable development and win-win future with dealers across the country. Zhishang doors and windows will continue to promote the "enabling terminal ・ model building", carry out the "enabling terminal ・ travel far to win" national DTE experience marketing landing training camp, and enable terminal sales in major linkage activities across the country. Through the terminal strategy of [135 marketing strategic plan], through the terminal assistance system of three sharp tools and five enabling, we will continue to provide practical business ideas and support policies for terminals, and comprehensively enable terminals, Join hands with dealers' families to enter the era of marketing 3.0, and lay a solid and powerful foundation for the enterprise strategy of Zhiyuan 2020

the steeper the mountain, the more dangerous the road, the more we can exercise our will and improve our ability and level. Zhishang doors and windows will, as always, uphold the concept and spirit of quality leadership and innovative product research and development, and bring more high-quality, high-value and better products and services to consumers across the country with quintessence, fine service, exquisite craftsmanship and elite team. No matter the market changes or the journey is dangerous, we only have to unite as one, brainstorm and work together, overcome thorns and thorns, step through rugged terrain, run in the mountains and forge ahead in the peaks, In order to reach the peak of development




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