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The dark tone wall cloth of cobbes jacquard technology, with its own texture and high-end color, combined with exquisite furniture accessories and metal elements, maximizes the luxurious style

modern light luxury is the decoration style favored by many young people. Nowadays, the popular light luxury style has captured the hearts of many young lovers with its ultra-high appearance, excellent quality and exquisite details

light luxury 2 ask

1. What is the light luxury decoration style

light luxury is based on the modern simple style, abandoning too complex elements, decorating with simpler and stronger lines, highlighting the texture through some exquisite soft accessories, and highlighting the high-quality attitude towards life

second, what are the characteristics of light luxury decoration style

1. Simplicity

under the seemingly simple appearance, it actually pays attention to every detail of the decoration style, giving people a sense of low-key luxury and connotation

2. Integration of modern and classical

light luxury combines modern hard clothing with exquisite furniture and soft clothing, giving people a sense of fashion, luxury and taste as a whole

3. Bright colors

high-grade black and high-grade gray are often used as expressions, especially the sharp contrast between black and white, which gives the home space a generous and clean modern sense

4. Warm and comfortable

light luxury is also a synonym for paying attention to the quality of life. In addition to the simple and luxurious appearance, there are also exquisite and comfortable internal accessories and culture


in the 131 s time of cobbes

the dark tone wall cloth of cobbes jacquard technology, with its own texture and high-end tone, matched with exquisite furniture accessories, and combined with metal elements, maximizes the light and luxurious style

cobbes 133 yueran

gray is the favorite of fashion. Gray between black and white can be gentle, quiet, elegant and mature. In the background of gray walls, some metal and leather elements are added to the furniture, which immediately creates exquisite and high-end visual effects for the home, and the light luxury style is born naturally

life is your own,

light luxury style, simple and generous

square inches, deducing unique taste

cobbes seamless wallcovering is a real environmental protection seamless wallcovering. The raw materials of Wallcovering are from natural substances, non-toxic and tasteless. It is a new type of green environmental protection building materials. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, schools, KTV office buildings, shopping malls and home interior decoration

(image and text source: Kobus cobbes wall cloth, invasion and deletion)




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