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Villa decoration is a contemporary new life design concept that takes the villa as the theme and participates in the design and decoration. Villa symbolizes the concept of home residence for people with status. Compared with ordinary home residences, it is not only "big", but also whether it adapts to the particularity of "environment and supporting facilities". The outstanding feature of villa decoration is that it can reflect a person's living standard and artistic self-restraint. Villa decoration is a prominent field of home decoration design in recent years. It is a combination of home decoration and art, and it is also one of the highlights of indoor decoration refinement

it has cost a lot of money to buy villas, and no one is willing to be slaughtered by the decoration company in villa decoration, so it is very important to do a good budget for simple decoration of villas. At least, you can have a general understanding of villa decoration and be prepared for decoration in advance. Villa decoration is not as simple as the owners think. It considers more factors than ordinary home decoration. Villa decoration is not only a reasonable planning of the villa's indoor space, but also a comprehensive thinking and design of the combination of indoor and outdoor environment, so as to achieve a harmonious living environment with both internal and external repair. So how to decorate the villa? Next, I will bring you a simple villa decoration process and other related knowledge, which can be used as a reference for friends who need oil supply

how to simply decorate the villa

simple decoration process of the villa 1: choose the decoration method

there are three popular decoration modes at present. One is “ Bao Qinggong ”, Consumers buy decoration materials by themselves and entrust decoration companies to construct; The second is “ Contract labor and materials ”, Entrust all the work to the home decoration company; The third is “ Package Light Industry auxiliary materials ”, That is, consumers provide some main materials, such as floor tiles, coatings, sanitary ware, etc., while decoration companies are responsible for the procurement of construction and auxiliary materials, such as cement, lime, etc

the first method requires consumers to be very familiar with the decoration project, required materials and building materials market, and have sufficient time; The second kind is suitable for people who have no time and energy and do not know about decoration materials and projects; The third is between the first two. It is suggested that consumers should have a detailed understanding of the decoration company or engineering team in advance and decide according to the actual situation

simple decoration process of villa 2: find the right designer

designers are people who almost meet in decoration today. When choosing a designer, you can first look at the works of the designer in recent years and refer to the professional level; Secondly, feel personal quality through communication with designers. Designers play a role of connecting consumers with decoration companies and construction teams. They should be perfect in business and professional ethics

the function of designers is to provide consumers with the layout planning, functions and design style of the room, and their professional level determines the future living environment of consumers' rooms. When communicating, we should first explain in detail our preferences and the rules of activities in the room, such as how many people there are at home and how family members usually act at home, so that designers can meet everyone's needs when designing. At the same time, let the designer know his favorite style. You can collect some pictures you like or dislike, so that the designer can know and master your taste

simple decoration process of villa 3: sign the construction contract

through the measurement of the room, the designer will issue more detailed construction drawings and determine the quotation according to the overall decoration scheme. The quotation is generally based on the room space, including the materials, quantity, unit price, total price and workmanship required in this space. If necessary, it should also be attached with a detailed list of materials, project schedule, etc., as well as a supplementary description of the parts that are not detailed in the decoration quotation. Usually, the quotation has attachments, mainly including the original house type drawing, decoration house type drawing, water and electricity construction drawing, switch socket layout drawing, ceiling design drawing, etc

when there is no objection to the quotation, it will enter the stage of signing the construction contract. When signing, consumers need to pay attention to the following points: whether the company name is the same as the name on the contract, whether the contract is stamped with the special seal for the contract of the decoration company headquarters, whether the contract annexes are complete, etc. In some home furnishing markets, third-party certification of the market is also required

simple decoration process of villa 4: focus on the construction stage

sign the construction contract, and start the overall construction process after on-site disclosure. Family decoration generally goes through three stages: early stage, middle stage and late stage. In the early stage, it is mainly the mobilization of auxiliary materials, concealed works and foundation decoration works; In the medium term, it is tile paving, ceiling and woodwork engineering, ground leveling, carpentry, bricklayer, oiler and other projects; The later stage is the link of on-site installation of main materials and completion

in the whole process of home decoration, on-site disclosure is the most critical step. Generally, customers, designers, project supervisors, foremen and major technical workers participate. All of them should arrive at the construction site during the disclosure. The designer will explain the design scheme and construction process requirements in detail to the construction director and project management personnel, as well as the places needing attention, and the project supervisor will coordinate and handle various procedures

simple decoration process of villa 5: sign warranty contract

the sequence of project completion acceptance, main material installation and customized product installation is different because consumers choose different decoration methods. If consumers choose to install main material products by decoration companies, the acceptance is the last. After completion, the inspectors will inspect the construction items one by one according to the project acceptance form, and the consumers should participate in the whole process to decide whether the project is qualified for acceptance; After acceptance, the person in charge of construction shall sign a construction warranty contract with the customer

according to the national regulations on home decoration, the basic engineering warranty is 2 years, and the anti leakage engineering warranty is 5 years. The warranty contract is generally on the last page of the decoration contract, and the warranty date should be clearly seen when filling in; And the warranty contract should be stamped with the contract seal of the decoration company

budget for simple decoration of villas

if you want to do a good job in villa decoration, you must first choose the materials to be used in decoration according to your financial resources, because different styles, layouts and materials will cause great differences in decoration prices

1. Determine the investment of villa decoration funds

the investment of villa decoration funds should comprehensively consider the overall purpose of the villa, that is, the living style of the villa determines the decoration cost

if it is only a vacation villa, the investment in decoration can be less considered; If it is a home-based villa, it should also be considered in decoration because of its daily use

after taking this into account, if you buy a villa with high quality, good community environment and property, and consider it as a villa for daily living, Xiaobian suggests that you consider more capital investment, because this kind of villa has a large appreciation space, and the investment of decoration and repair funds will not reduce the living quality of the villa

2. In the past two years, there have been more and more villa development zones across the country, and villa products have become more and more abundant. In addition to single family villas, a considerable part of them are townhouses, stacked villas, etc., which are called sub villas. Asian villas meet people's dream of having a place every day, but they are not as large as single family villas in terms of apartment size and land area. Therefore, it is easier to estimate the decoration cost of this kind of villas

3. Determine the location and redecorate

among the current villa owners, some people often complain that they spend money but don't fully enjoy all the villa space. Such owners did not spend the money on decoration. Villa owners have high hopes for villa decoration, and always want to make full use of space in the villa, but it was found that some of the space finally became furnishings, which can not be used several times a year, but a waste of villa decoration costs

ways to save money in villa decoration reduce the decoration budget

first of all, careful planning and perfect design of the villa is the primary way. Why is planning and design the most important? Because decoration is a big project, it can be said to affect the whole body, so it is very important to make a good decoration plan in the decoration process. It is best to communicate with the designer and the official seal in time, clearly express their ideas, and make the most cost-effective plan in combination with the site

second, saving money in villa decoration, we can use the finishing touch method to decorate. This method is more practical and economical for ordinary families. It is best to choose high-grade materials in key decoration places, which can be worked carefully, while simple and lively methods are used in other parts. The materials are ordinary, and the purpose is to be durable. As long as the quality can be guaranteed, the workmanship can be simpler

third, if you want to save money in villa decoration, you'd better choose a reliable decoration company. There are all kinds of decoration companies in the market. Each company says how they are different and how they have advantages, so you must keep your eyes open when choosing a decoration company. Choosing a reliable decoration company is a shortcut to save money! Because the decoration company has a fixed network in material selection, has a price advantage, and can work carefully in terms of construction experience, provide supporting services, and have quality assurance. There are good decoration companies and after-sales service and maintenance. There are corresponding processes from design to construction, saving time, labor and money. So it's best not to find a construction team to construct by yourself. It seems to save money on the surface, but the survey shows that most of them have rework, which costs a lot of money

fourth, the villa decoration process should follow the rules and control the budget. There will always be one kind of supplement in the construction process. When changing all items again, it is necessary to refer to the original project list and make records, so that the increase and decrease items can be cleared in the final accounts and the expenditure situation can be mastered

how to do villa budget

step 1: reserve knowledge and formulate a plan

the best way is to use the Internet, which is simple and fast. Build a document on the computer and copy all the contents that need to be learned. It is useful to have a look when you have time to deepen your impression. Now there are many decoration projects, materials and technical types of work, so it is impossible to be proficient in everything. We should pay attention to the decoration process. Don't be in a hurry to spend time on certain materials or processes, and try not to contact those exquisite decoration magazine pictures and renderings, which will distract you more and distract you. At the same time, family members should reach an agreement on the basic contents of decoration, such as whether to make furniture, what materials are laid on the ground, and what is the function of each room

step 2: frequently run the market to understand the market

in order to find a suitable price, we should run more building materials markets to find the best combination of materials and prices. Try to be careful when choosing. Don't buy some products without brands, so as not to encounter parallel products. Before going to the market, you should fully understand the situation of the house, know the house like the palm of your hand, know whether the washing machine can fit in a certain place, and how long the wardrobe can be made

step 3: act according to your ability

when decorating, you should according to your own economic situation and decoration grade, “ Do what you can ”. Before home decoration, the owners should carefully make a detailed budget for home decoration, including the budget for construction and various main materials. In the decoration process, when choosing materials, we should control our consumption desire and strictly implement the previous budget standards

editor's summary: the above is the simple decoration process and budget of the villa





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