Five sincere suggestions for new house decoration

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For the decoration of new houses, we will certainly make all kinds of preparations before decoration, but when it's really the turn to decorate, it's silly: the previous knowledge of mending decoration can't be used when it's the turn to the scene, and some new problems we encounter can only listen to the construction party of others. The following five sincere suggestions,

new house decoration, before decoration, will certainly do everything possible to prepare, but when it's really the turn to decorate, it's silly: the previous mending decoration knowledge is useless when it's the turn to the scene, and some new problems encountered can only be heard from the Construction Party of others. Here are five sincere suggestions that you can refer to when decorating:

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suggestion 1: don't be perfect in home decoration. Due to the defects of the building itself, the amount of investment and the level of construction, no home decoration can reach a perfect level. Consumers want to be completely satisfied with the decoration of their houses, so they are very picky when choosing companies. Some construction units will deliberately exaggerate the scheme in order to receive orders, leading owners into misunderstanding, but in fact, the home decoration project they have done is not ideal

suggestion 2: do not find irregular troops for home decoration. Many consumers find home decoration for the sake of cheap “ Guerrillas ”, The construction level, design, quotation, materials, etc. are diverse. The more construction teams you find, the easier it is to disrupt your plan. Generally speaking, find two or three mid-range decoration companies and determine one after negotiation, and you will get a satisfactory result

suggestion 3: it's a mess to find staff. The complexity of home decoration is far more than that of public decoration. If consumers find experts as consultants from the beginning of talking about the design scheme, two people can complement each other, which is a good way. However, if a so-called expert is found after the construction has been started for a period of time, he knows nothing about the contract, budget and plan. If he irresponsibly picks faults, there will be contradictions, which will mess up his position

suggestion 4: avoid frequent change scheme in construction. Some consumers have ideas and plans every day because of the incomplete early planning of home decoration. The construction team has to dismantle and change every day due to the delay in work and the cost of materials, resulting in constant contradictions between the two sides. Therefore, it is best to change the scheme before the implementation of the scheme

suggestion 5: never pursue construction speed. The construction site of home decoration is narrow, the manual machines and tools cannot be fully carried out, the connection of various processes is difficult, and the material storage cannot be carried out. A series of difficulties cause the construction progress of home decoration to be relatively slow. In addition, each process has an effective basic cycle duration. If the progress is overemphasized, the construction quality will inevitably decline




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