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Many owners will make some mistakes in decoration. Today, Xiaobian will point out the five common items in decoration, hoping to remind you

many owners will make some mistakes in decoration. Today, Xiaobian will point out the five common items in decoration, hoping to remind you

first, excessive pursuit of construction speed affects the quality of decoration

many people are in a hurry during the decoration in order to live in a new house as soon as possible, hoping to reduce the construction period again and again, and hope to hurry to finish the decoration and move in quickly

suggestion: the most important thing in the decoration of your home is quality. It takes at least two months to decorate a house with an area of 8 or 90 square meters. The construction process is first and then, and there is still time to dissipate smell after decoration. It is unwise to suppress the construction period too much

second, it's one thing to think about. There are frequent changes in the construction.

many people don't have much in mind. They listen to people saying that this is good or that is good. They like this today and that tomorrow. They make changes to the plan that has been made over and over again. The decoration pair is also being demolished and modified every day. It's easy to lead to the aggravation of the contradiction between the owner and the decoration team. Recently, it can be imagined that it is almost difficult to be satisfied

suggestion: it is difficult to decorate a good house without a perfect and determined decoration plan and a highly coordinated decoration team. In fact " Everything is established in advance, and discarded without advance ", Before decoration, we should have a careful consideration of the whole. For projects that really need to be changed, we should follow " Negotiate the price before construction " Basic principles of

third, do not understand the construction, blindly command, random staff, and add chaos

many people don't understand decoration, but because they are used to making decisions, they will also dictate decoration. Such behavior is not professional and easy to disrupt the original orderly construction steps

suggestion: the so-called "trust people, doubt people, don't need to". Decoration is a discipline with strong theoretical and practical nature, which requires considerable energy and time to master professional construction knowledge, form effective and correct decoration opinions, and trust professional masters for professional problems

fourth, self righteous random reconstruction, complaints and fines continue

many people hope to transform according to their own ideas after buying a house. Even if the decoration team leader does not recommend rectification, they are still stubborn. Finally, they are complained of destroying the load-bearing wall, but they have no choice but to build all the walls, and there is no reason to pay more labor costs

suggestion: for the changes of interior decoration, we should consult professionals and apply to relevant departments. We cannot hire decoration companies to make changes without permission Even if the change is completed, the non-conforming decoration will also produce quality problems later

fifth, excessive decoration, drawing tigers can't turn into dogs

many people are relatively well-off, so they are not stingy in decoration. In the end, everything is better. They hope to have a luxury style, which leads to spending a lot of money, and finally there is no magnificent effect

suggestion: the decoration materials of large rooms may not be as high-grade as possible. Using high-quality and low-cost materials can save dozens of yuan of decoration fees per square meter. Using the saved money to buy some high-quality and atmospheric furniture or electrical appliances will be more practical and beautiful

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